Officina Meccanica Conti, with a large experience in the sector since 1959, has in the time consolidated and developed its own skills and efficiency together with the goal to offer its customers top reliability requirements.

At present, due to the acquired experience, the hi-tech operated machineries and its technical staff training, the company can run the market in terms of quality, pricing and time of deliveries.

Thanks to its flexible structure, Officina Meccanica Conti is able to perform single parts manufactures, complex nrechanical sub-groups assembling and mechanical groups turnkey contract delivery.

740sqm Indoor area
8Staff employed
15000Annual Producing Hours


Manufactures are performed by CNC and traditional bar and steel / cast iron / aluminium / alloy melting machine tools, of mechanical components, realized in small / medium size and low / medium series.

These parts are applied in the following hi-tech sectors:

  • ceramic industry machineries and instruments,
  • ecological instruments,
  • metering pumps,
  • testing instruments.

Other activities refere to prototypes and serial groups / sub-groups precision mechanical assembling and samplings.


The controls of the machined parts are rigorously carried out during processing and during final testing.
Tolerances / Surface roughness / Hardness with registration on test card.